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Brigit (Bree) Plate-Sorrells, Owner/Photographer

I am a professional photographer born and raised in Endicott, NY. My love for the craft began in early High School, though you could find me with a camera in my hands at a much younger age. I continue to find Polaroid's of my pets stashed away at my parents place to this day. I have always been an artist, I have always loved creating, telling stories through my images, and capturing life as I see it. I earned my degree in Art Education with a minor in photography from Elmira College more years ago than I care to count. In those years I loved working with film, spending hours in the darkroom perfecting my prints, scouting new sites and embarking on my own little photo safaris throughout the crowds of Washington Ave in Endicott, or the alleyways in Binghamton. I dreamed of far off places and unfamiliar faces in my images. As I have developed my style, I have grown an appreciation for photographing people I have the opportunity to get to know. I have found that I love capturing images of people and places that tell their stories. The interaction between photographer and subject has become as important as the images I capture because it allows me to create a more accurate portrayal of and to tell the deeper story of my subjects.


I am also a mother of three fantastic kids, with different personalities and quirks, they remind me to enjoy every moment, to stay true to myself and my vision and to capture as much as possible.


I am a member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America) as well as STPPNY (Southern Tier Professional Photographers of New York) both groups offer resources for the professional photographer and, just as importantly, educational opportunities. I love to learn, I love to try new things and to explore the limits of my tools, imagination, and creativity. Occasionally this pushes my clients to try new things as well, typically with fantastic results!

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